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by freeamfva at November 25, 2021

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With promotional activities or promotion codes, you can provide one-time goods or trial order services free of charge to a limited number of users. Users can enter the promotion code in your app or Google play store app to get the corresponding goods or trial order services for free.To get more news about Black Friday Coupons,Click Here

In the play management center, you can create the following types of promotion codes:One time codes: These are the only codes generated automatically and can only be redeemed once. Users can redeem these codes directly from the play store or from within your app.

User defined code: you can specify user-defined codes, which can be redeemed multiple times, but cannot exceed the upper limit of your predefined redemption times. Custom codes are only applicable to subscriptions and can only be redeemed by users who have not subscribed before.

You can be creative and use promotion codes to attract users in a variety of ways, including:You can distribute cards with promotion code in the event. Users can unlock a special in-game product by entering the promotion code.

You can provide code to employees so that they can share it with family and friends.You can send promotion codes to users who purchase your app within a specific time period.

For subscriptions, please note the following:Users can experience free trial subscription service with promotion code instead of free subscription.The promotion will not extend the trial period of other free subscriptions. If a subscription can start a free trial subscription without a promotion code, the promotion will cover the initial free trial subscription period.

Users who do not meet the non promotional free trial conditions (for example, users who have purchased a subscription in the past) can still get the opportunity of free trial.Users can redeem promotion codes in the Google play store at any time until the promotion end date you specify in the play management center. Promotional activities can last up to one year.

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