Best electric bikes for commuting 2022

by freeamfva at Jun 30

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The best electric bikes for commuting can make getting to and from work less stressful and more enjoyable, while reducing the effort that's involved in riding a non-assisted bike so that you can expect to arrive in a fresher state.To get more news about ebike accessories, you can visit official website.

You'll become fitter and your commute may well take less time than by car or public transport as you'll probably find quicker routes that you can only take by bike. It's likely to be cheaper too, once the up-front cost of the electric bike has been discounted.To get more news about rad rover 5, you can visit official website.


You'll want a bike that's easy to live with, gives you enough range, and that provides confidence on busy city streets. It needs to be reliable, comfortable, and safe in all weathers, with the carrying capacity you need too.To get more news about waterproof bag for bike, you can visit official website.

What type of bike you choose depends on the demands of your commute, what types of bike you feel comfortable on, and also how much you’re willing to spend. A flat bar electric hybrid bike is good for keeping alert to your surroundings, while a drop bar electric bike is likely to be faster to ride and give you more hand positions for longer rides. A folding electric bike, meanwhile, is an easier option if your commute involves public transport with a ride at either end. Luckily for you, we’ve assembled a list of what we think are the best electric bikes for commuting out there. There's a broad range of different styles covered from the compact, folding Brompton Electric, through the fast drop bar Cannondale Synapse Neo, to the Tern GSD cargo e-bike that can carry two kids or loads of luggage.

We've got lots more advice on electric bikes, so head to our guide to the best electric bikes if you want even more electric assistance to your ride, or to the best folding electric bikes if you need a compact package for storage or to carry on public transport.

If you've got a budget in mind we have guides to the best electric bikes under £1,000/$1,000 and the best electric bikes under $2,000/£2,000. You can even convert a non-electric bike to an e-bike with the best electric bike conversion kits.

Alternatively scroll down for our pick of our favourite electric bikes for commuting, or head to the bottom for a guide on how to choose and an explainer of the laws on electric bikes worldwide.The Orbea Gain has such subtle integration of the battery and motor that, at first glance, you’d be hard pushed to know it was an e-bike. It has an attractive, lightweight, aluminium frame and carbon fork with an 11-speed Shimano 105 drivetrain which should see you over any terrain. Well-disguised within that frame is a 248 Wh battery which should be plenty to get you to work and back.

If, however, you’d like more range, you can simply attach the external water-bottle-style battery and that’ll boost the battery capacity up to 456 Wh. Pedalling assistance is provided by a rear hub motor, which works in a concept Orbea are calling Enough Power and Enough Energy. The idea is that the bike intuitively offers enough power to keep you pedalling smoothly and efficiently to enhance your rider, rather than overwhelming you with big surges in power.

The bike comes with an app that allows you to change the bike’s functionality, including how power is applied as well as ride tracking your rides. The mode button on the top tube has coloured LEDs that show you how much battery is remaining, and which power mode you are in. There's now an additional bar-mounted controller/computer which gives you more info and which sits on an out-front mount with a built-in LED light.

As a full size e-bike the Gain isn't going to be easy to take on public transport though, unlike a small wheeled folder like the Brompton Electric.If you’ve ever been on the market for a commuter bike you will have almost certainly cast your eyes upon a Brompton. The British company has sustained a great reputation built on ingenuity and build quality for so long that you know you’ll be riding a high-quality machine. If you need a bike that packs up into a small space, on a train or in the office for example, a Brompton is likely the best electric commuter bike for you. The bike comes with front and rear lights fitted, as well as mudguards, and the 6-speed gears give you loads of range. Helped by the motor, you'll get to work easily however hilly your city is.

The company has fitted a 250 W motor, with a large-enough 300 Wh battery to the bike. The battery conveniently unclips from the front of the bike and can be carried over your shoulder to your office or home to be charged. A full charge should be achieved within four hours. The quoted range for the battery is up to 70 km if you have it on its most energy-efficient setting. There is an LED indicator on the top of the bag which shows you how much of the battery you have remaining, which power mode you are in, and what setting your lights are on.

The bag-plus-bike set-up does make carrying the bike that bit more difficult though, although it does make charging a lot easier than an integrated battery like that on the VanMoof and the Orbea Gain.

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