All players will prefer to stay clear of Nurgash's Earthen Blast attack

by lucy at Aug 14

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Players will meet WoTLK Classic Gold Nurgash in Revendreth, home for the Venthyr Covenant. The location of his appearance will be noted on the map of players in the event that it is his week to show up. He has six attacks which includes one that can increase his strength and the strength that he can use as battles progress. In order to survive and eventually take him down, players must be ready to evade some of his AoE spells, ensure they have their cooldowns for defense and stay close to him to protect themselves from some of the biggest harm from his attacks from a distance. While close to him, they will still need to be vigilant to stay clear of Stone Fist.

All players will prefer to stay clear of Nurgash's Earthen Blast attack. They will also want to move closer to Nurgash any time they hear the sound of Stones is used. Damage dealers must be prepared to utilize their best attacks in the event that Nurgash utilizes Deep Slumber to catch him off guard and take advantage of his slowdown. Tanks should keep an offensive cooldown for use after being struck by Stone Fist. Tanks must be able to resist some of Nurgash's punches and be able to attack to divert him from healers and damage dealers.

Healers can prove useful in fighting Nurgash especially when Nurgash makes use of hardened Muck to boost his strength. They'll need to save some of their stronger healing capabilities to use when Nurgash unleashes Stone Stomp, which affects the entire group. A group of people should stay close to each other prior to treatment so that healers can preserve power and heal all in one go.

As Nurgash grows stronger because of Hardened Muck's, his attacks will get more potent. The best method to cheap WOW WoTLK Classic Gold stop him from being able to kill with a single strike is to eliminate him quickly. Teams will seek to use their most devastating strikes whenever they can to weaken, and ultimately end his life. With a team, this process even more easy.

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