Harden in transitionEveryone knows that James Harden

by lucy at Aug 19

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In the game just 2k23 mt concluded of the Heat with the 76ers, the 76ers beat the Heat 116:108. rewriting the total score to 2:2. Harden changed his attitude and scored crazy in the last quarter of the game. Thirty-one points, seven rebounds, and nine assists, like he was returning to the form of the Rockets that season. It marks the 2nd time that he has scored at least 30 points since January 26 this year.Why Harden exploded in the game? Perhaps people are thrilled that Harden has returned to the level previously he was but don't forget how Embiid was in the game at the time and the majority of the Heat's defensive resources were put into Embiid, which gave Harden plenty of strength. The strength and the ability to be a dominant player, that he could not take advantage of being the only player in the team.

Harden's ability to make a statement during this game is inextricably linked to his referee's penalty system and the sense of three-pointer. If the penalty standard of the referee is favorable to Harden, he can take this opportunity to draw a number of fouls in order to gain free throws. In conjunction with the hot 3-pointer, Harden can get a high score.

Harden in transitionEveryone knows that James Harden is a good player, but since he left the Rockets his stature has declined slowly, up to his current position with the 76ers. For the most part, Harden is more of an organization. However, he was unable to be a hero and take on the team in a critical time, and was criticized by fans and media extensively. In his own view, this is a process which must be seen in the transformation. Harden has put aside using the ball for the goal of the championship and willingly plays the role of connecting the team's offense. When the team is using Harden as their tactical core Harden's possession is Buy nba 2k23 mt coins 35%. In the 76ers, the tactical heart will be Embiid.At the time of the Nets the core of the team was Durant and Irving. in the squad was Durant along with Irving.

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