How to write an academic essay? Advice and notes

by MOVO at Aug 12

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If you are a student, professor, or researcher, you will know the importance and details involved in writing quality academic essays. Not only do they represent an intellectual challenge due to the research they involve you in, but their composition also requires clarity so that the work achieves a good understanding.

When writing an academic essay, some strategies can be used to help organize ideas and provide coherence to the text. Those who study English as a second language, for example, usually have a complicated task on their hands, writing in another language, at this level of organization and argumentation, becomes a real challenge. Knowing some pre-writing strategies help when preparing the academic essay, since it allows us to organize the ideas and to better define the approach that will be made on the subject, providing coherence and organizing the text well.

As the writers of Essay For All recommend, a good starting point is to consider a draft on which you could work is required, then you can consider following these four very practical strategies for writing an academic essay that can be useful for those who write both in their own language and in a foreign language.

Identify your reader.

It’s really important to know the difference between writing an essay for multiple people to read and writing an essay for a specific individual. 


A brainstorm that can help you prepare to find and separate important themes that may be part of the text, trying to square as many connections as possible between those ideas. The tutor, or whoever acts as a guide in the preparation of your work, can propose sessions where all the ideas that come to mind are written down. This reflection can occur in a group since the intervention of others enriches and broadens the horizon of ideas about the approach to the text.

Free writing.

Free writing is a way to develop the ideas listed in the brainstorming in a more elaborate way. It is about writing everything about the topic, even those ideas that are not directly related to the question of the essay, without paying much attention to grammatical, structural, or spelling aspects. The objective of this strategy is to focus on and produce the first material, leaving a deeper analysis for a later edition.


Breaking down ideas with visual techniques like mind mapping is really helpful. In this way, the ideas are placed in order and in relation, using arrows and balloons that make it easier to understand the connections between them.
Questioning. Raise questions prior to the text, very typical of the journalistic style: who, what, how, when, where, why. With this technique, it will be easier for us to structure our essay and seek the necessary coherence.

Seek help. It’s always okay to seek help if you're having a hard time writing everything on your own. Seeking a Criminology Assignment help for example is very helpful and time-sparing for such a hard topic.


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