What is CDL? And how to make a CDL in the USA?

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Driving license (Driver license) is issued in the local DMV (department authorized to administer exams). There is a point system. A person must score 6 points. For example, 3 points for a Work Authorization, 2 points for a passport visa, 2 points for an SSN, 1 point for a credit card, etc.

If a person gains 6 points, then he is allowed to pass the theory. There are 20-50 questions in the test, you can answer incorrectly one fifth of the questions. After that, the person is photographed and their vision is checked. Next, you need to pay about $ 70 for registration. The ID-document will arrive by mail in a couple of weeks. After that, a person, in principle, can drive a car, but next to him there must be someone who has a license.

Next, you need to listen to a 5-hour course of lectures on safety in any driving school. The cost of the course is about $40.

After that, a person can personally sign up for a practical exam at the DMV or sign up through a driving school. If it is in the order of priority (wait two months), then it costs about $ 10, if you need to speed up the process, then about $ 40, and an urgent test - $ 70.

The driving test can be taken in a private car or in an inspector's car. At the appointed time, the person comes to the inspector and does everything he says. The first exam is completely free. If the exam is passed, then in a couple of weeks the rights will come by mail.

What is CDL? And how to make a CDL in the USA?

These are the rights that allow a person to become a truck driver or a truck driver. In order to pass on the CDL, you need to have a regular American driver's license. With the rights you need to go to the local DMV office and express a desire to get a CDL. For preparation, a person is given questions that will be on the exam.

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