Stone massage, balancing and relaxing

by Prity at October 14, 2019

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Recover the harmony and energy that you lack with a relaxing massage of hot and cold stones in the Oblivium Ode Relaxation Center. Discover this ancient oriental therapy that will help you feel in harmony with yourself.

Stone massage is an ancient millenarian oriental therapy (Shang dynasty) that has been practiced for thousands of years. In Chinese medicine, stones are used to balance the universal energy or chi due to the strong connection that exists between the stones and the body.

The stones are inorganic living energy. In the center of the earth we find magma and magneto: the stones that are used have the strength of the crystal and the energy of the magnet. And, as with this massage you work on the somatizations of the human being (that is, self-esteem, depression, phobias, fears ...) you try to return the person the energy your body needs.

Hot stones stimulate blood flow and cell metabolism. They also relax the body to such a level that its sensation is very sedative. The prolonged application of heat penetrates the muscles and joints, detoxifying and stimulating the microcirculation thanks to the supply of oxygen and also to the repair of damaged tissue.

Cold stones are ideal as a complement, especially in facial therapies and tired legs, decongesting and reducing hyperemia.

The reaction is usually extremely positive and pleasant, it is surprising the feeling of well-being that you feel. Stone massage is a gentle massage, you will feel pampered and in harmony with yourself.

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