Relax with a pinda massage: amazing!

by Kajal Sharma at November 6, 2019

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Relax your mind, purify your body and rebalance the energy of your body with a pinda massage, a personalized aromatic massage by Omega Spa. You will leave as new!

Pindas massage is an aromatic Hindu massage based on the therapeutic application of heat and natural active ingredients (herbs and essential oils). For this aromatic massage, pindas, cotton fabric wraps filled with substances and active ingredients of plant origin are used.

The pindas are applied throughout the body with rotational and frictional movements that vary in intensity and direction depending on the effect you want to achieve. This massage, being aromatic and personalized, can have different effects depending on the oil used and how it is applied: it can be both decongestant-calming and reactivating or muscle toning.

With this massage you will be able to relax your mind, purify your body and rebalance the energy of your body. In addition, you will eliminate toxins from the body and fight obesity and cellulite. This type of massage is also especially indicated in case of arthritis, osteoarthritis, stiffness and joint swelling, as it relieves inflammations.

Omega Spa is dedicated exclusively to providing mental and bodily wellbeing using anti-stress flotation therapy together with 16 other natural therapies. It offers a wide range of natural therapies such as massages (therapeutic, relaxing stress and sports), shiatsu and reiki, among others. All therapies are taught by a team of 9 qualified and specialized professional therapists in each discipline.

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